Artist Youk Shim Won draws the life of a women in a sophisticated way
She is specialized in this field for a long time with several exhibitions and has been well known for her unique artistic technique

Your Shining Worth Youk Shim Won depicts the 'self' of a woman
Her works are not limited to the external beauty, rather they artistically show the inner beauty of all women
Youk Shim Won depicts every bright aspects fo a woman with full of emotions and liveliness
Her art supports those who confront their lives with a respect for the values like joy and inner beauty of a woman

Drawing Techniques

Her painting techniques contain the softness of patel and the energy of oil paint
Special Color technique spreads the pigment on jangji in a subtle way; the technique grinds the solid material and mixex it with water to control its density
Jangji is a thick sturdy paper that goes along well with the special color techniques
Jangji can be painted several times which doesn't make the paint look oily but more like simple and colorful with clear vividness

2009 제 9회 개인전 (갤러리AM)
2008 제 8회 개인전 (갤러리AM)
2007 한국국제아트페어(코엑스)
제 7회 개인전
제 6회 개인전 (갤러리AM)
2006 제 5회 개인전 (갤러리AM)
2005 제 4회 개인전 (갤러리AM)
2004 제 3회 개인전 (갤러리AM)
제 2회 개인전-동양화새천년 (예술의전당)
2002 제 1회 개인전 (인사갤러리)
2012 제 23회 세계일보 기념전
2004 기은과 함께하는 작가 3인전 (IBK)
2003 2003 NEW WAVE (하나아트갤러리)
2002 제 13회 미술세계대상전 (안산단원전시관)
NEW WAVE (썬&문 갤러리)
2001 화연전 (덕원미술관)
제 12회 미술세계대상전 (예술의전당)
동양화새천년 (서울시립미술관)
채연전 (덕원미술관)
2000 제 11회 미술세계대상전 특선 (세종미술관)
1999 채연전 (덕원미술관)
제 18회 대한민국미술대전 (국립현대미술관)
1998 청년작가모색전 (경인미술관)
채연전 (공평아트센터)
청년작가모색전 (예술의전당)